Parliament Reconvenes for 2018

Hon. Kevin Sorenson, M.P., (Battle River-Crowfoot)
Parliamentary Report

Next week, the House of Commons will resume sitting and I look forward to delivering your messages to the Liberal government on the numerous issues that we have been talking about throughout the Christmas season in Battle River-Crowfoot. As your voice in Parliament, I appreciate very much the input I receive from concerned constituents.

Before the House resumes, the Conservative Party of Canada will hold our National Caucus meeting in Victoria, B.C. where Members of Parliament and Senators will be mapping out our strategy for the coming debates. The legalization of cannabis, NAFTA trade talks, higher taxes and the pending federal Budget 2018 are among the issues that folks around our riding are bringing to my attention. Conservatives have a positive vision that is centered on ordinary Canadians. Canadians work hard and should have more money in their pockets. This only comes from lower taxes.

Last week, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer travelled to Washington with a team of Conservative MPs to show a united front against U.S. protectionist policies that hurt jobs in both our countries. The United States is Canada’s largest trading partner and hundreds of thousands of Canadians have jobs are directly related to trade and trade-associated industries. NAFTA has worked for Canada over the last three decades and Conservatives believe that a strong trade partnership with the U.S. will be good for both countries in the decades to come.

With the world price of oil climbing to nearly $63 as I write this, it is encouraging for the local economy here in Battle River-Crowfoot. There is some optimism in our province’s natural resources sector and consequently, for our local economic outlook. This is all in spite of policies from the federal Liberal and provincial NDP governments that have hurt the hard-working people in East Central Alberta.

The Alberta government has finally removed some barriers that will help with the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline to take our high quality crude from Hardisty to tidewater. What concerns me is that the Liberals seem to keep throwing new barriers, regulations and delays on energy projects that are of national importance. One day they claim to support pipelines, but the next day their actions show otherwise. The Official Opposition will continue to call on the Prime Minister to do what is best for Canada and see that pipelines are built.

In the cold weeks we have been experiencing it has become a harsh reality that the Trudeau/Notley carbon tax is hurting the very people that the Prime Minister claims he is trying to help. I have had many calls from Senior citizens – many on fixed incomes – disappointed that we are all are paying even more to heat our homes.

The Liberal government is deploying their age-old tricks when it comes to the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Program. They are imposing a “values test” on organizations who apply for funds through this program. This is a troubling misuse of political power and I thank everyone who has contacted me to state their objection. You can be assured that I will continue to fight for those being unfairly targeted and insist on fair and equitable access to federal programs and services.

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